Welcome to Shishu Niketan Public School

School is called the second home of a child and more respectfully referred to as a temple. It is not just the means of increasing literacy rate of a nation but the breeding ground for men who will be a part of the society that heralds the next dawn. Education is not a compulsion but a must for anybody to survive in today's growth oriented world. But you are only as good as yourself. And it is here where we help the child to optimize himself into an integral part of the society, to help him stretch himself into the orbit of excellence. We don't intend to turn your kid into a mug pot with all the answers but into a thinking mind, capable of questioning the unsolved mysteries of life.

Our society is witnessing the biggest revolution ever, but in this age of information, knowledge and values seem to be losing ground. Education is not a degree but a gift that gives you the moral authority to challenge the wrongs in life and to stand apart from the rest and weather the storms that might try to put you back.

Choosing the right kind of educational environment for your children is your most important priority. This is where Shishu Niketan Steps in. We here endeavour to educate your child into individuals of their own. This is our pledge to all parents and we stand by our commitment to the cause of education, to the cause of life.


Shishu Niketan Public School, MDC is affiliated to CBSE upto Secondary Classes and is managed by a society registered under the "Societies Registration Act, 86." The society is also registered as a charitable Institution under section 80G of the "Income Tax Act, 1961."

Aims & Objectives

  • To help the child develop into a well rounded personality through a sound foundation in academics along with participation in sports, art and cultural activities.
  • To encourage freedom of expression, creativity, spirit of adventure and dignity of labour.
  • To enable the child to shoulder responsibility and develop a healthy respect for society and social cause.
  • To enable the child to learn in a playway manner admist enjoyable surroundings.

Teaching Staff

A school is only as good as its teachers.
The school has highly qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers, capable of providing thorough training and dynamic guidance to its students in the fields of education and life.